Friday, September 10, 2010

Color Me Shocked...

...that these people think Obama is a dirty little Muslim. 

ThePenguin pontificates:
"I started reading that PDF and wow, it IS disturbing. What's equally disturbing is that our president is one of these people."


BlessedInHim blathers:
"wow, always figured he was muslim, what more can be said . . . the majority of the US citizens have been deceived and many choose to be deceived."

Looks like "many" choose, in turn, to be morons.  I mean, what more can be said?

Pot, Kettle, Black

Commenter sharpstick gives us the lowdown on the history of Islam:

"I have a copy of "The Prophet of Doom", it's written by Chris Winn. He spent several years researching Mohammad and uses all of Islam's writings. It is very good, gives you a very good picture of how Islam started and how this "religion" was really about money, sex, and power."

Money, sex, and power?  Where the fuck do I sign up? 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Biblical Misogyny Is Alive and Well

Rapture Ready clears up that pesky confusion about whether or not women should be allowed to minister to others:

"God knew what would happen if women were allowed to teach men and to usurp authority over them. Sure enough, the majority of the cults today were begun by women who have manipulated the scriptures so that they could, without fear of condemnation, rise to positions of authority over men. 

Over the past few decades women have become pastors of churches because of a lackadaisical attitude on the part of the Church, not to mention men’s ignorance of scriptures. So what do we see happening today? The completely erroneous rendering of the truth of the scriptures by those who wish to supplant God’s word."

You hear that ladies?  Now sit down and shut up.